The AdvoCat

Holistic feline behavior consultations, holistic pet care & hospice or urgent care coaching for dogs and cats, food sensitivity testing and titers offered



2nd year in a row award recipient for SF small business award for community service  & service to customers. The San Francisco Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Source: San Francisco Award Program

The Advocat's (formerly known as The Nature of the Beast): passion is to inform you of the truth about pet care.  Do you want someone who will give you the truth about animal welfare without any corporate bias or agenda? Would you like a professional who cares enough to research every detail about your pet's history and lifestyle to formulate the best care personalized for your animal companion? The AdvoCat  cares just as much about your pet's well-being, as you do! 

Shanti Zinzi specializes in the most humane, comprehensive and empathic approach to holistic pet care including acupuncture and Chinese medicine. We offer feline behavior consultations, humane education on understanding the needs of your pet for his/her entire life, and in-home hospice or critical care coaching for your pet. 

The AdvoCat is currently thrilled to offer an in-home diagnostic test for food sensitivities..Does your pet suffer from chronically itchy skin, wounds from self inflicted biting, or ambiguous food sensitivities? recurrent vomiting? or leaky gut? - then  this test is just what you have been waiting for! Your pet will be tested for 24 different foods. Results will then be shared with your vet. All done in the comfort of your own home! Your special companion will not have to experience  stressed out car rides or anxiety provoking waiting rooms. 

Are you worried about the potential risks from over-vaccinating?  There are countless stories of both humans and pets with immediate or latent reaction of annual core vaccine protocols. The AdvoCat offers in home titer testing to find out if your pet is indeed protected or does actually require a booster. This is a much safer route than the continual immune system assault our pets are exposed to by over-vaccinating. The AdvoCat, of course will send titer results to your veterinarian. We do not promote corporate agendas, or corporate vaccine agendas, we promote what is in your pet's best interest.

All aspects of your pet will be examined from distant medical & dietary history to current somatic & behavioral energetics, mental state, emotional stressors & psychological environment. Each pet will also be addressed for his/her unique constitution as well as age & breed propensities.

For our behavior clients, the most caring approach with gentle behavior modification that nurtures your pet is a priority. 

The AdvoCat can also help you in the very sacred end of life process, and coach you on how to work best with your vet for the most comfort during the palliative stage. I prioritize coaching on humane administration of medications, and have been doing hospice work for the past 13 years. Shamanic and Buddhist services offered.

 With more than two decades in the animal business, my priority is the health, happiness and well-being of your pet and how to provide the most empathic care while providing the most eco-conscious choices.

During the palliative care stage, we want to make the last chapter of your loved one's life as comfortable as possible. I can train you in somatic understanding of your own body language and body processes, so you can deliver meds like a pro - ensuring your pet develops positive associations, & not negative ones.

The AdovCat believes in educating clients on the most humane food & supplement choices . We research companies, require up-to-date detailed analysis on their nutritional data and animal husbandry. The AdvoCat believes with this information, you can make informed, eco-conscious choices that benefit not only your pet, but create less suffering for other sentient beings.